Posted on Jul 20, 2020

Remarkable Reverse Mortgage

Last week we did a "no-contact" closing for a borrower who had been touched by Covid 19. The notary brought the documents, the borrowers signed at their kitchen table, and they talked over all the details on the phone from the closer's car. They asked me to stay home, and I did!

We are offering "no-interior-inspection" appraisals for borrowers who are not comfortable with having the appraiser come inside their home. This has worked out rather well for some of my people.

I'm doing more business than ever before. I 'm very grateful for the folks who have chosen Remarkable Mortgage to handle their Reverse Mortgage loan.

The last word is this: Reverse Mortgage interest rates are the lowest I've seen in my 9+ years as a Reverse Mortgage broker. Lower rates mean more money at a much lower cost. Gotta love that!

Thanks, Mark
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